I want to ask express my view point and address to all those who get opportunities to attend wedding cum diner invitation. I observed people have bad habit to take foods as much he can quickly arranged for himself or his family or friends, never considering who is behind him. Later unable to eat all items than left without any regret or shy as these foods are prepared “free of cost”. If suppose any extra foods prepared in his home than he wasted same way or kept for next day than why wasting other foods.

I think following one reasons why people take as much as foods in first attempt and than unable to eat that reasons food normally wasted in wedding diners.

1.Fear of that when he want second time than food dish remain empty or not available due to lack of foods
2.First time watch such type of foods than taking like he remain hurry for how many days
3.Due to un-civilized or lack of education and do not realized if you take extra food than positively some other guest remain hungry, please think about others who is also human beings

If you are true and honest Muslim’s followers than make a habit to take as maximum you can eat without wasting a single bite. If we do not waste foods in wedding diner than sufficient for 15 to 20 waiters those who are busy in your service and always seeing with their hungry and thirsty eyes these foods when our turn will come for enjoying this great standard of foods.

In last I want to give message to all if you remain hungry or eaten lesser foods than you do not admit any sin but if you taken extra foods in your plate and later fail to eaten all and force to left than you did a sin which is called “wastage” than you are too questionable and answerable and think never skip from God punishment.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )