Six ministers belonging to the PPP have accused the JUI-F, their coalition partner in the government, of supporting the Taliban and promoting terrorism. They walked out of the provincial assembly on Tuesday and urged the chief minister to expel JUI-F ministers from the cabinet. Soon after the proceedings started, Minister for Communications and PPP’s Deputy Parliamentary Leader Mir Sadiq Umrani rose up and said the JUI-F was spreading terrorism and setting up and running seminaries with government funds. He said whoever criticised JUI-F ministers was either eliminated or humiliated. Mr Umrani also said JUI-F ministers used 60 per cent of the development budget. He announced that he was walking out of the house. He was supported by ministers Mir Ali Madad Jhattak, Agha Irfan Karim, Ali Changazi, Younus Malizai and George Jaffar. Talking to reporters outside the house, he criticised the JUI-F for supporting terrorists and called upon the chief minister to expel ministers belonging to the party from his cabinet. None of the ministers who remained in the house went out to persuade the PPP ministers to end the walkout. Meanwhile, a number of ministers criticised the Wapda management for not providing electricity transformers and poles to farmers for tubewells although the required amount of money had been deposited in Wapda accounts. The ministers said that in open market, the price of a transformer was Rs300,000, but Wapda officials were charging Rs700,000 and the price of a power pole was Rs10,000 while Wapda was demanding Rs70,000. Chief Minister Nawab Raisani assured the house that he would take up the matter with Wapda high-ups to resolve the issue.
By: Dawn News