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Thread: 2 months June & July summer vacation school fees?

  1. 2 months June & July summer vacation school fees?

    I want to ask express my view point when middle and low income group PARENTS received payment slip for depositing 2 months school fees for June and July which is consider “summer vacation” is not less than bomb to middle class group.

    Because they hardly manage to run their monthly expenses and due to inflation increasing very sharply and this circumstances to pay 2 month school fees for June and July is consider total injustice and burden to low income parents.

    Why not our Education department asked school management to give some relaxation or facility in paying school fees for those parents who are spending their lives in difficulties but shy to take support from any one. But I suggest to Education Minister please instruct all education institute in Pakistan do not take school fees for summer HOLIDAYS otherwise face a uniform way fine of only 0.5 Million ( Rupees Five Lac ONLY), THIS law should be passed in Senate and National Assembly to enforce quickly.

    Those who are rich class have capacity to pay not for 2 months but entire 12 months in at once but consider those lower income how they arrange funds for school fees payment otherwise their school will kick out their kids for non-payment of fees.

    Secondly request to Sind Education Department to check the private school increased own way raise in school fees without any approval or permission from Government this issue should be notice and control for not increasing fees abnormal way which will be burden for middle class group.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

  2. Re: 2 months June & July summer vacation school fees?

    schools are now a days very safe and profit able business in Pakistan. specially private schools are really playing with the pockets of poor parents by raising the fee without any solid reasons. and i think govt is equally involved in this crime as they are raising the standard of our Govt schools so they could compete the private institutes.

    but on the other hand i think if schools are taking 2 months fee they are giving two month salaries to staff also . so i think there should be a middle way to solve this issue.

  3. Re: 2 months June & July summer vacation school fees?

    nice sharing ............ govt should find some solution for this to help the parents.

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    Re: 2 months June & July summer vacation school fees?

    its the game of Government they r not raising the standrad of Govt School as most of the high class private schools are run by their relatives or dear once... so why they will think to do any thing for the uplift of govt school standard to relief the middle class parents...


    Allah Safe Pakistan..

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