PML-N chief asked on Monday the federal government to follow the Punjab government for rejecting the foreign aid, asserting that the Centre should reject the foreign aid as the Punjab set the precedent by refusing the “international slavery”.
Talking to the reporters at the mausoleum of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah after offering fateha, he reiterated his demand for constitution of a judicial commission to probe the US raid in Abbottabad, asserting no more support to the Centre would be extended as the federal government failed to deliver.
He said that said Pakistan must free itself from the foreign aid to emerge as a stronger and sovereign state. He urged the government to slash its expenditures by 50 percent to change economic state of the country, saying: “Pakistan should deny accepting any foreign aid if anyone threat to halt it. They are allowed to do so, we don’t care.”
The PML-N chief arrived here on his two-day visit to Sindh to reorganise the party and meet with provincial nationalist party leaders.
He rapped the release of Raymond Davis, saying that he (Davis) was freed on the federal government’s nod, saying: “Senator Mushahidullah Khan informed me about the comments of ISI DG in the in-camera briefing that President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani told him to release Davis forthwith.”
He regretted that the government failed to overcome ongoing energy crisis while unemployment was on the rising but the Centre had been dragging feet over the matter.
Defending his criticism on the Army, he said that his party was not against the Army but it criticised the wrong polices to correct the incorrect strategies as, according to him, no one was superior to state the laws and the constitution.
Earlier, scores of the activists of PML-N reached the airport to receive their leader. Nawaz will meet the Sindhi nationalist parties’ leaders on Tuesday in Hyderabad.
The two groups of PML-N workers raised slogans against each other when the PML-N chief was chairing a party meeting.
The ignorant groups of PML-N have expressed their concern over nepotism in the appointments of the party office-bearers by a group, who is responsible of the restructuring of the party in Sindh province.
PML-N Central leader Syed Ghous Ali Shah, Senator Zafar Iqbal Jhagra, Saad Rafique, Saleem Zia and others present on the occasion.