‘Nursery Rhymes-Johny Johny’ is a smartphone app that helps little children learn the famous nursery rhymes through a highly interactive and playful way. Given its interesting environment suiting a kid’s imagination, it keeps the child from entering boredom and makes him/her eager to learn more. It features two kids who offer to join them on their space ride and learn nursery rhymes in different scenarios and animated environment.


  • Nursery Rhyme selector.
  • After the two children offer to join them on their space ride, they wait for you to tap on the ‘play’ button. With that pressed, it then presents you with an interactive menu for selecting the nursery rhyme you wish to hear. The menu is such that their spaceship is hovering at the bottom left while you select a ‘planet’ for it to land by swiping to the right or left. Each planet corresponds to a nursery rhyme. You can choose from five rhymes which are “I’m a little teapot”,“Johny Johny yes papa”,“teddy bear teddy bear”,“Jingle bells Jingle bells”,“rain rain go away”.
  • Performance according to rhyme.
  • The animated characters in each rhyme move and dance according to the music thus presenting to kids a more fun and realistic view.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • The app is very easy to use and it features rhythmic melodies which help keep the toddlers involved and never get them bored.

With such great features and a great aid for babysitting, what are you waiting for? Download and install this app to benefit from its great features thus helping your child learn some great nursery rhymes.