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Thread: Sacked KESC STAFF creates problems and responsible

  1. Sacked KESC STAFF creates problems and responsible

    I want to share with all those who are concern or connected with KESC management after sacked 4000 staff of KESC recently the main reason for load shedding.

    Today in our area of SOLDIER BAZAR power off from 3 PM after noon and no information when power comes back. More or less same situation remain the different parts of city but how KESC over come crisis and control their sacked staff those are nun hurdle and creates problem to supply electricity.

    If a few punished in right way than no one have power or dare to do this evil work from this how many millions consumers suffers but they do not realized their problems. Realized how those who are infants, women’s and elderly people force to staff in totally darkness when more than 5 hours power gone no hope when power supply get back.

    Those who got UPS have maximum run not more than 3 to 4 hours if such type of load shedding than no UPS can run but I pray to God teach with own silent sticks all culprits and responsible people who are doing load shedding in which millions suffers human beings, perhaps they have no relation with any region or they do not even deserve to called them Muslims due to their evils attitutide which is even worse than animals.

    KESC management think positive to crush all evil forces and expose those invisible hands are behind the sacked staff which give more flues to burns they are equally involved in the crimes and ever power or strength to skip from God punishment which is everlasting?

    What is fault from consumers side than why they suffers. If KESC can’t overcome crisis take the support and help from higher authority immediate basis so in future same type of problems never re-occur.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

  2. Re: Sacked KESC STAFF creates problems and responsible

    it depends on the govt will if they really want to solve this issue they can do that in few days by paying to IPP's. for last 3 years they just showed us dreams nothing has been done in reality to solve this issue. no use of our coal reserves and Gas. our neighbor country Bangladesh is producing electricity from coal and no body has the environmental issue. O Allha Give Hadayat to Us And our Leaders .


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    Re: Sacked KESC STAFF creates problems and responsible

    PPP leader said in talk show yesterday that 3 years are not sufficient to solve electricity issue... tu kiya ye 300 saal mai kuch krien gy ....


    Allah Safe Pakistan..

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