India on Monday expressed sorrow over the loss of lives in the terror attack in Karachi and said vigil had to be stepped up in the country. Home Minister P. Chidambaram, who was asked by reporters to comment on the attack on Pakistan`s naval airbase, said: “I have described our neighbourhood as a troubled neighbourhood. This incident has once against pointed to that conclusion.” An advisory to upgrade security has been issued to all Indian states. Mr Chidambaram said India was “not happy” about the incident that took place in Karachi. “In fact, we are sad that lives are lost. But that is today a troubled state.” Noting that any incident of terrorism in the region certainly must be viewed gravely, he said: “We must increase our vigil. Therefore we remain alert and we have alerted the states based on whatever intelligence we have.” On unconfirmed reports regarding Taliban leader Mullah Omar`s death in Pakistan, Mr Chidambaram said: “Afghan authorities have disclosed that he was killed but there are contradictory versions. We will have to wait and see whether that report is correct.” He said India had `some information` on the movements of Mullah Omar but he could not confirm or deny if he was dead.
By: Dawn News