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Thread: Which detergent cleans “jealousy” germs

  1. Which detergent cleans “jealousy” germs

    I want to spread my message to all human beings belongs to Muslims believers or non-Muslims believers that usually detergent advertising claim their products will clean any type of stain in single wash or few minutes.

    But I never heard any detergent can remove jealousy germs from human beings due to this evil people always get negative thinking such as how to get revenge or show them down trend to proof that you are more powerful or wisdom.

    Only one can remove his jealousy germs from his body to clean all negative thinking’s and always thinks for all people in positive way how to help those who are needy or helpless and even those who have give pain or trouble than you do not re-act same way, than what will be difference between you and other attitude.

    In Islam totally condemn regarding jealousy and those people are involving doing a worst sin which is punishable and answerable to God. If you still in this bad habit than forgive it than realized how are your life become more and more pleasant and peaceful.

    If you have jealousy with any one than you want to keep hurdle or disturb other job and do not want he is growing which give you more pain and disturb your personal life. If you become jealousy than other works or promotion or marriage how one can stop which reflect how you people are un-education or civilized otherwise you do not do this evil job for others.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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