CIA forensic experts team entered in the compound where al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was killed to search for possible al-Qaeda materials hidden inside the walls at the site by using sophisticated equipment. The authorities have stepped up security in Abbottabad during the visit of the site by a team of the CIA experts. The CIA team visiting the compound in Abbottabad, with an objective to scrub the site for items that were not recovered by American commandos, sources said. The CIA was given the nod by the Pakistan government to enter the complex which it had previously scrutinised only from a distance, using satellites and stealth drones. The CIA suspects bin Laden might have created hidden cavities within the complex to store away highly secret al-Qaeda documents. The US Navy SEALs team which carried out the operation against al-Qaeda chief only managed to lift hard-discs, computers and other material in the room, where they killed him.
By: Ary News