Senator Babar Awan of the Pakistan Peoples Party said on Sunday that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz should show political maturity as the country was passing through difficult times. Addressing a press conference here, Babar said that PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif should not adopt “a non-serious attitude and mislead the nation by asking it to revolt against the government”. Babar Awan said that Nawaz Sharif had not mentioned that what kind of revolt he was demanding from the people.” Whether it is against the parliament, constitution, democracy or law and order?”, he said. He alleged that Nawaz Sharif preferred to leave the country instead of confronting the dictator. “ Why did he not announce rebellion at that time?” he asked. He said that the PPP had always played the politics of federation and reconciliation while Nawaz Sharif, he claimed, was doing the politics of division and separation. “At a Youm-e-Takbeer function he (Nawaz) talked about hatred and division,” he added. Babar Awan said that US helicopters entered into Pakistan on two occasions. First time, the US helicopters landed in Punjab to arrest a Pakistani citizen. He said both the violations were condemnable, adding ,”The government is holding dialogue with the US to stop such violations in future”. “The PML-N neither convened a joint session of the parliament on the Kargil issue nor on the US helicopters’ issue”, he said. It was the democratic government of PPP which brought the officials of security and intelligence agencies to the parliament. Babar Awan further said that Nawaz Sharif was ready to make alliance with those people who do not accept National Flag and National Anthem for attaining power. It is wrong to say that government was not willing to make an independent commission. “ We have already finalized our homework in this regard,” he added. He said the government had made a constitutional committee headed by Khurshid Shah to complete the constitution of Election Commission but the non-serious attitude of PLM-N was impeding the same. He said that the government had started the consultation process with all the political parties to give constitutional protection to elections held in the country and this was possible only through unanimous 20th constitutional amendment. Barbar Awam said that the PML-N created hurdles in the adoption of unanimous resolution by the parliament and now the Leader of the Opposition had written a letter proposing names for the Election Commission which include names of some officials of private organizations. He said that the PML-N attitude was non-serious when APDM was established and half of the parties botcotted the elections. He alleged that the Leader of the House in Punjab Assembly was not attending the assembly proceeding for the last seven months and Nawaz Sharif had rejected the National Assembly by not willing to join it. Babar Awan said Punjab Police was busy in organizing rallies for Nawaz Sharif at government expenses while the law and order situation in the province was worsening. He said all the provincial resources were being spent on rallies hoping early mid-term elections. “If somebody wants elections, he should announce local bodies elections in the province”, he said. He said the PML-N was facing political isolation due to its non- democratic attitude.
By: Dawn News