Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan was sworn in on Sunday following an election seen as the fairest in nearly two decades, pledging transformation for a divided country hit by deadly post-poll riots. Jonathan took the oath amid tight security at a colourful ceremony with a military parade and fly-over in the capital of Africa's most populous country. About 10,000 security personnel were deployed and mobile phone services cut.
Some two dozen African heads of state looked on in Abuja's Eagle Square as the fedora-wearing Jonathan declared that "transformation begins today" in the continent's largest oil producer, long held back by deeply rooted corruption. "Together we'll unite our nation and improve the living standard of all our peoples, whether in the north or in the south, in the east or in the west," he said in his inaugural address.
"We will not allow anyone to exploit differences in creed or tongue, and set us one against another," he added later, drawing applause from the crowd of several thousand, some of whom wore dresses with pictures.