The opposition parties have given June 3 deadline to the government for implementation on the joint resolution regarding formation of an independent commission and threatened that if the resolution is not implemented by the given date and a commission is not established, they would devise their future strategy for the coming sessions of the two Houses.
The opposition parties gave this deadline at their meeting held at the Parliament House here on Monday.
Later talking to media, Leader of the Opposition Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said the government took a contradictory stance to the parliamentary resolution during talks with the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He said the meeting discussed in detail non implementation of the joint resolution for the establishment of an Independent Commission to investigate the Abbottabad raid and expressed their strong reservations over it.
Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said despite passage of so many days since he had written a letter to the prime minister, no action had been taken by the government and an impression was being given that nothing had happened in the country. He said he had taken the opposition parties into confidence about the letter written to the prime minister. He said the terrorist attack in Karachi further exposed the weaknesses of the security.
The Leader of the Opposition said that no one including the Parliament was taken into confidence before meeting with Hillary Clinton. He said the government was not giving weightage to the sentiments of the masses and that was why it had been decided to give a deadline to the government to implement the resolution.