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Thread: Senior Policy Officer - WWF-Pakistan - Karachi

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    Senior Policy Officer - WWF-Pakistan - Karachi

    Pakistan contains a diverse topography of geographical features and is home to incredibly diverse flora and fauna. Over the last century, lack of understanding and awareness has led to human practices that have exploited the country’s natural resources without replenishing them. A growing population and increasing infrastructure needs have also led to the decimation of animal habitats and forests, and resulted in loss and endangerment of animal and plant species only found in Pakistan. With an urgent need for an organization to meet and counter these growing conservation and environment issues, WWF-Pakistan was formed in 1970.
    Duties & Responsibilities:

    1. The incumbent will be required to carry out mainstreaming of CCAP’s studies and plans into the Government of Pakistan’s federal, provincial, and district single fiscal/5-year/10-year plans,
    2. Progress will be measured principally on the basis of a “Strategy Document” listing the Senior Policy Officer’s 2015 proposed interventions.
    3. Senior Policy Officer will be required to incorporate non-funded proposed actions in their “Strategy Document”, as well as raise funding for these activities.
    4. The Strategy Document must demonstrate a cogent plan for creating impact. It must list target numbers (e.g., numbers of funding proposals to be written and submitted), names (e.g., those targeted for funding), dates by which targets are to be met (e.g., year and month by which a notification letter will be issued by the targeted local/provincial/federal government department), and other details allowing proper monitoring and evaluation as well as providing “teeth” to the “Strategy Document”.
    5. The incumbent will also be responsible for galvanizing stakeholder participation to enhance the impact of pilot/demonstration activities at Kharo Chan and Keti Bunder as well as seed funding placed in adaptation plans; and, they will also be responsible for obtaining funding from and coordinating the actions of old and new CCAP stakeholders at district, provincial, and federal levels.
    6. Attend all CCAP events (whether national or international), design and host CCAP events for mainstreaming, carry out one-on-one meetings for mainstreaming, attend non-CCAP events
    7. Prepare high quality documents that will be posted on the website and launched at events.
    8. The incumbent will be required to prepare a separate “Dissemination Strategy for Policy Outputs”.
    9. Work closely on any other work assigned by the PM, for senior internal and external coordination meetings with CCAP’s Project Management Unit and its Project Implementation Unit, its IESC/DCC and other meetings, meetings with its Associates and Partners, the WWF Network, and CCAP stakeholders.
    Eligibility / Selection Criteria:
    Education, Experience & Skills:
    Must have at least 2 years of prior work experience in the development Sector.
    Must hold a Master’s Degree, preferably in social sciences.
    Someone with past advocacy, lobbying, and policy work in the development sector, with a Master’s Degree or PhD will be given preference.
    Analytical and Problem-Solving skills and Results Orientation.
    Good interpersonal and computer skills specially Microsoft Excel.
    Good English Language Reading, writing & speaking.
    Sensitivity to gender and other current social issues.
    Adheres to WWF’s values, which are: Passionate & Optimistic, Challenging & Inspiring, Credible & Accountable, and Persevering & Delivering Results.
    Apply Online:
    WWF-Pakistan is an equal opportunity employer and reserves the right to amend this document from time to time, as may be required in the interests of the organization.
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