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Thread: Over a billion tons of foods wasted every year UN report

  1. Over a billion tons of foods wasted every year UN report

    I want to share my news I read which hurt and dis-appoint me too the reason over a Billion tons of foods wasted every year.

    The United Nation report further said Europe and North America consumers wasted 95 Kgs and 115 Kgs respectively. Perhaps they blessed from God surplus food that is why no value or importance have.

    My simple suggestion and request to all European and North American countries why not gifted or donated to third world or poor country so Millions can survive with these food and you earn reputation of gifting surplus food and reward from God too. Due to food shortage 925 Million people around the world suffer from hungry or force to living below the poverty level.

    I suggest UNO must play its role and request to Europe and North American countries in future please do not waste or destroy the surplus food but donate or gifted to 3rd world or poorest countries so their hungry problem solve to some extent.

    Those who wasted their food or money or something else and consider no one have right or authority to ask question or explanation but remember all such rich people are answerable to God whether have believe or not believe in God or Judgment day no one skip from this situation or punishment.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

  2. Re: Over a billion tons of foods wasted every year UN report

    the same thing apply to gulf countries also.

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