Three more witnesses recorded their statements during Tuesday’s proceedings of the tribunal investigating the Kharotabad incident in which five unarmed Chechens were killed by security men, Geo News reported

Col. Faisal Shahzad of FC was among the three witnesses while two of them were also FC men Muhammad Hashim and Taj-ul-Mulk who got their statements recorded with the inquiry tribunal headed by Balochistan High Court Judge Justice Muhammad Hashim Khan Kakar.

The FC men in their statements said police personnel were the first to open fire on Chechens while Col. Faisal Shahzad admitted firing three-four shots but denied having given any orders to shoot and that FC men opened fire on their own.

Col. Shahzad said, at the time of the incident, the Subedar informed him on cell phone that a blast had occurred at the latter’s check post and that his team was being fired at from all sides. “It was the time when I was in a meeting with Commandant Col. Naveed at Ghazaban Scouts Headquarters,” he added.

He said when he reached the spot, he saw four-five persons piled up on one another motionless and that no police personnel had told him whether the Chechens were checked before reaching the Khaizi Check Post.

“Police personnel present at the spot told me that two of the persons lying there were trying to blow themselves up and that is why the police opened fire on them,” he said.

Col. Shahzad said he did not know who was the one that tied the woman’s leg with a rope and pulled.

Later, the tribunal’s proceedings were adjourned till Thursday