I want to ask question from KESC management and those who are responsible why worst power failure seem in entire Karachi on Jun 7, 2011 and Jun 8, 2011 in the city of Karachi.

In the area of Clifton Bridge, KARACHI where power gone at night 8.30 PM and come back in mid night 3.00 AM. After 1 hour again KESC power supply dis-continues and again Power come back after 1.00 Noon. What a hell or SICK is KESC, why treating people like as animal. Those who are paying KESC bill in honesty and timely as compare to those who are using illegal connection than why you treat as “step mother”.

Who is responsible for this break down or power off intentionally to give punishment than reply me what is the fault or mistake of the consumers. Why our Government still silence and do not take a positive steps to solve the power crisis which almost disturb every group of people and all are strong HATE and do not satisfy with the careless attitude by the management and staff.

If power crisis not overcome than tell how those who want to meet their export date line how they can manage which is loss in the shape of “lesser foreign revenue “ will generated if exporters failed to ship their goods to its buyers.

I must say in Karachi but in entire Pakistan no business can run without the keeping “generator” which is most essential to run the business when KESC make freely un-schedule or load-shedding according to their wishers but in all cases consumers suffer.

KESC high level management at any stage realized those who are elderly, women’s, patients, infants or kids how force to stay in HOT weather which is the double test for them? If you do injustice and no one notice or punish the real culprits but remember one thing those who are doing all such thing “load shedding” never skipped from God punishment at Day of Judgment. If you forget what you did than after you die and lying in your grave “first night” all question will be asked that time you remember why you doing such evil which creates problem and hurting only for some money or get a reward or position?

I pray to God to crush and destroy all people who are doing “ extra load shedding” plus those who remain silence even have power or courage in KESC to stop all happening in the name of load shedding. All are suppose and deserve one place to go which is “hell”?

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )