Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had offered the slot of chief minister Punjab to Hamid Nasir Chattha with an aim to win his support for getting Asif Ali Zardari elected as President, said a US Embassy cable leaked by WikiLeaks on Saturday.

The cable also discloses that MQM had been promised to get three-four important federal ministries for supporting Zardari’s name for the post of Pakistan President.

The secret US Embassy cable sent to Washington on August 27, 2008 highlights how PPP was involved in political scheming to get Zardari elected on President’s post.

PPP deputy secretary general Sheikh Mansoor in a meeting with US Charge d’Affairs Jerry Feierstein on August 27, 2008 admitted that his party leadership, including those serving in government, would not focus on the extremist threat or other pressing issues until its Co-Chair Asif Zardari was elected Pakistan’s president on September 6.

Party members were busy securing deals with factions of the Pakistan Muslim League, Karachi’s Muttahida Quami Movement, and religious party Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam.

Mansoor revealed that, if Zardari becomes president, as expected, party management will pass to his sister, parliamentarian Faryal Talpur, to serve as “executor” for Bilawal (Zardari and Bhutto’s son).

Mansoor recognized that Zardari would have to make good on his promise to the Army to grant former President Pervez Musharraf immunity, but said such a bill would be presented to the National Assembly only after Zardari became president. Lastly, Mansoor claimed that the PPP’s plan to gradually reinstate the deposed judges, minus former Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, was working, with eight judges returning to the Sindh High Court and possibly a couple of Supreme Court justices also agreeing to the “re-appointment