A suspected suicide bomber was arrested along with his accomplice during a raid in Karachi on Sunday.

The suspect was carrying suicide vest, detonators, weapons and other explosives.

Acting on a tip-off, CID police arrested the terror suspects, believed to have links with banned Jundullah group. He was identified as Salim.

Sources claim that the suspect was involved in Karachi’s Ashura blast.

The suspect and his accomplice were shifted to some undisclosed location for further interrogation.

Later, speaking exclusively to SAMAA, he revealed that 30 to 40 children were being trained in Waziristan to carrying out sicide attacks. He said that Quranic verses, CDs and jihadi literature were being used to brainwash the children.

The bomber apologized to his mother and the nation for getting involved in terrorism.

He confirmed that he also got training in a fort-like center in Waziristan. SAMAA