I am very much shocked over the decision made Officials of the international football association, FIFA, have dismissed the Iranian women’s soccer team because the tight headscarves the players were wearing to cover their hair broke the association’s dress code, Washington Post said.

FIFA banned Iranian female for observing Hijab "hand scraf" but no shame or banned for Germany women Soccer Team to display figure clearly and posing for PLAY BOY? Shame on FIFA and West both countless time?

More shameful when Germany women’s soccer team exposed for PLAY BOY showing entire body and figures than no problem for FIFA they like and enjoyed? when Muslims women's from Iran observe true Islamic Hijab than what problem for FIFA any one can example? this is only punishment why you Muslim's truly observe Hijab which give pain to West? the only reasons? I must say shame on West and FIFA for all the time double standard? Give liberty to own female to display entire body? but when Muslims women's observe Hijab by covering face or body than apply "banned" this is not banned but consider a BLACK LAW?

I must say this is total a DOUBLE standard of FIFA and keeping Iranian Women’s soccer team to keep away from Olympics due to as punishment?

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )