Ambassador to US Husain Haqqani said that the capture of newly named head of al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawihiri is a top priority of Pakistan and US intelligence.

In an interview with American TVC, Haqqani defended the decision to round up more than 30 people as part of an investigation into the Osama bin Laden compound.

He said that Pakistan and US are working together to capture Ayman al-Zawihiri, adding that joint operation would be conducted on the information in this regard.

Ambassador Haqqani says the individuals who have been rounded up in Pakistan are part of an effort to find out what happened and how, and who was involved.

"We will be dealing with each one of them on the basis of what information they have. As far as the concern that there are people amongst the people that we have rounded up who were informants for the CIA, we will deal with them as we would deal with a friendly intelligence service, and we will resolve this to satisfaction of our friends, as well as to our own laws," he said.