I want to share TO ALL Muslims followers if they offer Namaz (Prayers) daily without skip than such are real and honest followers of Muslims they should thanks God for this blessing.

But those who seldom offer Namaz or never offer due to the reason they know very well. But I want to share how a Muslim brother or sister get benefits when he make a habit for offer SALAAT-E-SHAB or TAHAJAAT

1. Root of Faith
2. Physically fit
3. Key to Heaven
4. Angels Friends
5. Allah Pleased
6. Help with question asked in first night in Grave
7. Dua & good deeds accepted
8. Devils Keep away
9. Light of Knowledge
10. Comfort in Grave
11. Enemies Can’t Harm
12. Barrier Against the fire of Hell

In last I must say those who give less important to Namaz and consider his own work is more and more important than such people are do not deserve to call them a common Muslims who even do not spare time for offer 5 time of daily prayers which is a simple way thanks to God.

My simple message if you do not remember or most of time forget to offer namaz than same way forget to uses God countless blessing such as taking LUNCH or Dinner ever you forgetter. This way you are doing un-justice before too late think to make a change in your life style please.

Muslims can reach Heaven by performance but majority Muslims verbally claim they are Muslims followers but their life style totally as Non-Muslims believers do you think such type of people have any place in “heaven”

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )