TheNation Editor-in-Chief Majid Nizami denies that he is ‘political guru’ of Mian Nawaz Sharif, as alleged by President Asif Ali Zardari in his address to PPP leaders and workers in Naudero.
The president, in his hard-hitting speech against his arch rival Nawaz Sharif, had stated that the PML-N chief’s ‘political guru’ had given him the title of ‘Marde Hur’. Also, the president said, it was the same ‘political guru’ who had told him that Mr Sharif had preferred to go into exile because he could not face the jail mosquitoes.
Majid Nizami said it was true that he had ties to the Sharif family since the days the Ittefaq Industries had been taken over. (The late) Mian Muhammad Sharif was his friend and he had come to his office, he said.
As for the sons of the late Mian Sharif, Mr Nizami said, they were dear to him, “But I am not political guru of anybody”.
He said he offered his advice to the rulers, civil or military, through his columns. “I am not guru of anyone, nor does anyone accept me as such”.
Referring to the title of ‘Marde Hur’ that he used for Mr Zardari, Mr Nizami said it was because he had faced a very long imprisonment at a time when Mian Sahib was enjoying his stay at Jeddah’s Saroor Palace.
TheNation Editor-in-Chief recalled that at a meeting with him in Jeddah, Mian Nawaz Sharif had sarcastically talked about the title of Marde Hur. In response, he told the PML-N leader that he, too, could have got the same title if he had preferred to stay in jail instead of enjoying the comforts of Saroor Palace. He made it clear that he would not take back the words he used for Mr Zardari.