Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, Senior Federal Minister for Defence Production & Industries, called the victory of Ch Akbar Ibrahim, a Pakistan Muslim League-backed candidate in AJK election from LA-34 as a strong proof of the party’s popularity.
In a statement, he said despite breaking all rigging records in Punjab, the PML-N had to face a crushing defeat in the AJK election. This defeat had shattered all dreams of the party leadership and would continue to haunt them day and night, he said. The PML-Q leader said AJK elections in Lahore were sabotaged by PML-N on sensing an imminent defeat. As such, Ch Parvez said, the postponement of AJK election in Punjab was a clear proof of the provincial government’s mismanagement.
He said the claimants of good governance had failed to ensure smooth election even in one constituency.
Chaudhry Parvez Elahi said that N-League’s rigging in last year’s Gujrat by-election had also been reported by the media.
The senior minister said that Pakistan Muslim League-Q had won every unrigged election and was a highly popular party in all four provinces, Gilgit & Bilitistan and AJK. He thanked the voters for supporting a PML-backed candidate despite Punjab government’s high- handedness and open rigging