I read a news in net which surprised me and a regarding the cost of single razor which is $100,000 un-believable. I must say simply those who are countless money received through their parents or earned without any efforts perhaps always remain hungry how I can spend my money and reduce some tension that you reduce your wealth.

This razor which cost $100,000 is total waste of money if spend for some noble cause such as build HOSPITAL, SCHOOL, HELPING NEEDY etc etc than you perhaps remembered in general public hearts for some time?

The quality of said razor is made of "Zafirro Iridium" The Company boasts a 10-year blade life, and backs it up with free sharpening for a decade if the razor ever dulls.

I never heard or saw any one yet buying so expensive razor. In our Pak Rupees it comes to Rs.86,00,000 from which one can do many things. Even start own small business or do investing in stock or buy a decent flat or what else in this budget.

When a richest person buy such type of razor than what he want to proof that he is richest or foolishness person in the world.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )