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Thread: DOUBLE SAWARI again banned in KARACHI

  1. DOUBLE SAWARI again banned in KARACHI

    DOUBLE SAWARI again banned in KARACHI how helped to catch those real professional criminals?

    I want to express with my deepest regret and dis-appointment to see in the city of Light and mini Pakistan ( Karachi ) once again Black order have passed that DOUBLE SAWARI banned. Which creates problems for middle class are suffered a lot those who usually attend office, shop or college along its own home bike or friend or getting lift now no hope to get any sort of lift due to Banned otherwise pay the handsome bribe to Police officials to release.

    I still do not understand why frequently basis or when the higher authority mood or transport mafia wants to banned the DOUBLE SAWARI so those who can travel in bike only cheapest alternative to travel in Mini Buses or Buses. Not a middle class or ordinary person can afford fare of RICKAW OR TAXI which barging fare always speaks with skies.

    Tell during such banned of DOUBLE SAWARI how many criminal or killers arrest by Police and bring to the media and all face real punishment. But avoid catching the innocent those who are unaware or still travel in double sawari due to an urgent need.

    Our Police are so innocent and do not make difference the criminals and innocent citizen. They are famous but not missing any changes to catch the innocent and do not dare to come across or catch red hand the cricmal or killers. I must say Killers never arrest and innocent never skip from Police sin full eyes.

    If our police department do not know who is criminals and where there hide out than get rid of those who are un-educated, less skilled and do not use modern tactics for catching the criminals but always hungry and awaiting how we can catch those people who riding BIKE when “double sawari” banned in city.

    Honestly tell those whose bread earns lost his life ( due to target killing) than who is responsible? How much our Sind Government will pay to the concern family as a matter to get non-stop way some hope of livihood even his bread earns not alive?

    Such type of law I never heard every apply to any country expect Pakistan. More shameful and disappoint even many people lost life’s when banned in DOUBLE SAWARI tell who people hands involved in all target killing in Karachi which disturb city peace and economy. They all are real enemies of Pakistan and Islam.

    God should send them all responsible for doing evil and sinful activities one place which they deserve “hell” and do not give them spare time to killed any innocent life’s? If our authority have any God fearing and believe in judgment day than immediate basis lifted the DOUBLE SAWARI banned and try to catch the real criminals instead of arresting innocents.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

  2. Re: DOUBLE SAWARI again banned in KARACHI

    that is really disappointing. as govt has no clue what so ever for the terrorism. and in spite of giving relief to the people they are creating troubles for them.

    Time pass govt. and democracy is the best revenge from the people.

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