Smooth mobility of labour force is one of the basic requirements of sustainable urban economies; that is why every big urban metropolis has fast, cost efficient and reliable urban public transport means including wide-bodies buses, trams and underground as surface rail-based systems.
Karachi does not have any metro rail system, its efficient tram system had died decades back, while the surface rail-based system, Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) has been in limbo since long and its early revival is a must to ensure sustainment of Karachi’s economic, as well as, social life. Karachi is one of the world’s biggest cities, but unlike other urban megacities it lacks a reliable public transport system. The successive governments have failed to solve this major issue concerning millions of Karachi commuters. Even, the political parties who enjoy rule for decades after being elected on the votes of Karachiites have failed to improve the public transport system of their constituency.
Karachi solely relies on the road-based public transport system run by private transporters, who do not like following rules and regulations, and run this vital public service system on the rule of thumb with a sole focus on earning more and more profits. Rampant corruption in government, especially in transport department, allows a free hand to these barefaced people and the interests of commuters go silently disregarded.