Director General Three Gorges Corporation Wang Shoofeng has said that Chinese experts are working in Pakistan to provide expertise to its people in power generation field and free of cost operational changes to Wapda and within next 10 years they will be successful to facilitate Pakistan with 10,000 megawatts power generation.
He was talking to the Pakistani media delegation on Sunday which is on tour to China to study Pakistan-China river civilisation.
The director general of Three Gorges Corporation (a company that constructed one of the biggest hydropower project in the world named Three Gorges Dam) said that three gorges project was helping China to invest in more countries and in 30 years more than 25 projects would be completed in People’s Republic of China. Shoofeng maintained that if Pakistan and China did not extend cooperation in economic sector, it would go wasted. Several hydroelectric projects were running in Pakistan that would be completed on priority basis as Pakistan was suffering due to energy crisis.
“We want to invest more in Pakistan as per its environment and location. Therefore, we have signed several agreements and memorandums with Pakistani ministries, government and Wapda. Three Gorges Corp will like to provide expertise to Pakistanis first than people of any other country of the world. Our business in Pakistan should be comprehensive as we desire to support Pakistan,” he maintained.
He said wind and solar projects were also initiated in Pakistan while Kohala project was under way with a total costs of 2 billion US dollars. “This project is near Mangla and it would generate 720 MW power.
He said presntly his company was completing Chengdu and Bhasha projects in China. He said that Kohala project in Pakistan should have been approved in May 2009 by Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) but they were told that due to the media propaganda it was approved two years late. He said he wanted to help Pakistan’s energy sector as China needed Pakistan in future. He urged the media to provide exact information to the people of Pakistan regarding the Kohala project.