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Thread: Be CAUTION? If you Muslim’s Followers

  1. Be CAUTION? If you Muslim’s Followers

    I want to share my knowledge with all Muslims followers from world over that Our Last Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Said some golden words when help to one can change or improve his own life style with little efforts and struggle.

    If you worried what happen to you after your DEAD what happen to you if you follow Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) advice than face no regret or disappointment,

    • Today (present world ) is PREPARATION day
    • Tomorrow (after dead ) TEST day
    • Those who win deserve HEAVEN (forever) and who LOST remain in HELL (forever)

    This human life average life of 50 to 65 years but if any one obey and spend his entire life accordingly to Islamic teaching than perhaps no regret and dis-appoint after your death. If any one works 3 principles than I think he never miss his track and finally leads to Heaven.

    Normally observed that Muslims followers when goes to retire age or become elderly than starts doing good works and do work ship for God. But a true and sincere Muslims starts doing good jobs sincere he becomes ADULT and no single opportunity to earn NAKI ( reward) he never missed or ever think.

    If your life style is full of sin, cheating, telling lies, fraud people and keeping people in dark than after your end of life you have to spend your forever life’s in Hell in which situation never change or think that God will do mercy or reduce your sin or allow you go to Heaven.

    Due to my preaching any Muslim’s followers changed his life style than I thanks to God so my efforts do not waste without result oriented.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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    Re: Be CAUTION? If you Muslim’s Followers

    jazakallah. nice sharing.

    Allah Safe Pakistan..

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