A barrage of drone attacks killed at least 52 suspected militants, including some foreigners, in North Waziristan since Monday evening. Thirty-seven people died in three drone attacks on suspected militant positions on Tuesday and 15 on Monday. Taking place soon after the US announcement that it was withholding $800 million of military assistance, the attacks could exacerbate tension between the two uneasy allies in the war against militants. The drone blitz sparked panic among people in the area. The reported death toll in the four attacks could not be verified through independent sources because local media has no access to the area. Meanwhile, bodies of 50 militants who were killed in a Nato air attack near the border with Afghanistan on Monday evening were brought to Miramshah on Tuesday and sent to unspecified areas for burial. Sources said that most of the people killed in the strike in the Pipali area of Afghanistan were from Fata. The unmanned US planes carried out four missile attacks in Shawal and Datakhel areas of North Waziristan since Monday evening. On Tuesday evening, at least 10 missiles were fired on a compound in Godi Waila village in Datakhel tehsil, about 50 kilometers west of here. The sources said a tribesman, identified as Rahim Noor, owned the compound and he had connections with militant groups. Official sources said that seven suspected militants were killed and three others injured. Commander Hafiz Gul Bahadur’s group is said to have considerable influence in Datakhel area. Drones fired missiles on a compound in Derry Nashter near the border on early Tuesday morning, leaving 30 people dead and 12 others injured. According to an official 13 people were killed in the attack. He said that the drones attacked again when people started fleeing the compound. It is learnt that so far unknown Rehmani network run by a local commander named Ishaq was the target of the attack. More than six missiles were fired.
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