I want to EXPRESS my opinion when Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza, Senior Provisional Minister gave a controversial statement on July 13, 2011 against MQM Chief due to those specific reasons entire MQM activities become violent and came out to register a strong protest. Entire Karachi city become paralysis and no Industrial activity across the city due to strike? How many Rupees we faces losses due this strike. Pakistan does not afford the luxury of any “strike” due to its slump economy. Realized that those who are daily wage earners how he manage to bring food for his family?

Due to ZULFIQAR MIRZA words FIRST delivered that time no think but after saying statement than realized he did mistake than make regret and mercy for this mistake. Which is very simple for him to ask for mercy but tell those 18 innocents people who killed and 21 injured? Even public transport and vehicle all burnt which figures go to around 40. ( Businss Recorder Dated July 15, 2011) what is their fault or crime.

If our Sind Government take an immediate notice and questioned from Zulfiqar Mirza why give such type of statement which is sufficient to flame the fire. The important question is to find out what reasons He ( Zulfiqar Mirza ) did a such a blunder or who is behind all sense and working to creates more and more difference with PPP ( Pakistan People’s Party ) and MQM.

It is the duty of Sind Government first to compensate all the people who are lost their valuable lives and who will look after his family as ‘bread earners”. Minimum compensate 1 Millions ( Ten Laces ) to each family and those who are injured give not less than 0.4 Million ( Rupees Four Laces ) so they make treatment privately without any fear and burden.

In this regard President ASIF ALI ZARDARI called Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza to Islambad. Why PPP Government wait for 18 hours to give a apologize and excuse statement, if earlier hours such thing prepared and contact MQM high official than the casualties and burnt vehicle numbers will be naturally lesser.

I must say in the city of Karachi lapse of law and order situation and heaven for terrorists act ivies. I never saw or hearth any news that not a single terrorist yet punished or hanged in Pakistan.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )