I am very much shocked and surprise to see how Iranian are brave and smart not excused or give any grant when US SPY PLAN shoot down over Fordu Nuclear Site in Iran.

The reason for shoot down USA spy plan flying over the holy city of Qom, Iran where Uraniaum enrichment centrigues. In future United States do not repeat such mistake.

I must say Pakistani army is famous due to its bravery and professional skills but surprise no courage to power to stop UNITED STATES drone attacks?

I advise to all our ideal leaders no matter belong to any party instead of obeying United States we should obey God than get a special courage and no have power to defeat those who remain friends of God, such facility from God will bless when whole heartily obey and follow God instructions in all aspect of our life’s.

Only Iran example is very clear before 1979 completely remain in United States Hand and after Imam Khomeini revolution give a picture of true Islamic state and get rid of American grip and now become a very strong and powerful Islamic country.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )