KESC traffic DOUBLE in 3 years for residential consumers which is hurting & painful

I want to give exact facts and figures during last 3 years KESC power traffic charging almost double. If you study our consumption from August 2006 to August 2007 than we have paid electricity bills of Rs.9,655 average monthly Rs.805 Average Unit 242.

If you compare with the period of Jun 2010 to Jun 2011 than we have paid electricyt bills of Rs.20,650 average monthly Rs.1,721 and average unit consumption 234.

Consumed lesser unit and face more load shedding in the name of power failure, CBA Union strike or single phase fault on return charging more than double amount, which is totally un-bearable and forcing honest consumer to switch over to KHUDA “ill-legal” connection.

If common residential consumers like me face difficult and realized how speedy KESC is sending excess billing but no one in Pakistan interested to protect the interest of consumers and asked question from KESC justify what reasons their electricity rates almost the double.

How our industry will survive if such situation continues which want to kill all people livelihood and force to close the industry and doing begging

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )