Pakistan High Commission London

PTI UK & Yvonne Ridley, patron of the human rights organisation Cageprisoners, are joining forces to call for a global day of action for Dr Aafia Siddiqui & all the other missing people from Pakistan.

They and many others are outraged by the continual abuse this woman is receiving at the hands of the American authorities.

Only on Nov 04, in a New York courtroom full of eye witnesses, Dr Aafia was roughly manhandled by US Marshals after she had protested about the continual strip searches being forced on her. No woman, regardless of her faith or culture, should have to go through this aggressive and humiliating procedure which is carried out gratituitously on Dr Aafia.

In light of yesterday’s court hearing where Aafia was again dragged to court to satisfy Judge Berman’s whims we feel it necessary to highlight the continued injustices that Dr Aafia is facing at the hands of her jailers and judicial system as well as the thousands of other missing people from Pakistan.