I want to ask express my deepest regret and dis-appointment to see on beginning of every holy month of Ramzan kitchen items oil and ghee, fruits and vegetable items prices touch to sky and all traders charging abnormal profit more than double, ignoring the price list issued by the District government and enjoying in fleecing the skin of low income consumers without fear of any check of selling prices. More shame on our Government never punished any traders or introduces a Government rates which benefited the common middle class group.

The prices of fruits have gone beyond the the access of common man with the start of Ramzan and charging exorbitant prices of sellers without any fear of punishment.

Fruits Market Price Govt Prices

Gola Grapes Rs. 200 Rs. 86
Sundarkhani Grapes 250 126
Peach 140 86
Banana 70 56
Apple 100 45
Mango 75 34

What reasons always traders become greedy and hungry for more and more profit consider this is last Ramzan for earning profit or washing sin who decide?

More interesting to say Commissioners and Deputy Commissioner having power failed to protect the interest of common men rarely they are making surprise checkup or visit to determine which traders are over charring than immediate basis fine the traders, but who will take pain in ramzan due paper work job in office and nobody care what traders is charging above the Govt Approved prices.

If any traders do black marketing or over charging the profits think if he offer Namaz and give some Zakat or Sadak his sin will remove than he is doing mistake. Such type of sin when a traders intentionally charring double profit paining and hurting common customers than his Fasting, Namaz and Sakda or Zakat do not give a single rupee benefit in this world and after his death.

I must say Pakistan is heaven for traders for charging more than double profit especially in the month of Ramzan request to higher authority to awake and take a positive and immediate action against those who are over charging and protect the low income consumers.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )