The holy month of Ramzan have some special blessing from God

1. 4 weeks of barket
2. 30 days of forgiveness
3. 720 Hours of guidance
4. 43,200 Minutes of purification
5. 2592000 seconds of Noor

Those who washed his sin are consider are luckily Muslims and make promise not to repeat such sin again otherwise doing joke with God.

I must say during Holy month of Ramzan maximum black marketing, extra profit taking in the name of inflation throughout the country.

The secret to win God desire and obligation to solve or understand the pain of common people those who are your neighbors, family members, friends circle or needy people. If any one support and help those who deserve and give support which they want than earn Heaven which is the true track which seldom Muslims follows.

My appeal to all Muslims followers do not waste this time of Ramzan and try to utilize maximum time and do not forget those among your family members (panarets, relevative and friends) those who expired remember all of them in your prayers and Sadka on daily basis not only in Holy month of Ramzan but entire 12 months without any difference.

Thanking You

Ashfaq Sharif