I want to share my knowledge with all that how is possible regarding Gas shortage is going to become yet another weapon to destroy this city ( Karachi ).

Perhaps Gas shortage designed to destroy the economic and livelihood. Working as anti elements to destroy our country economy.

One can’t steal GAS that reasons shortage is not possible but ELECTRICITY is commonly stealing by consumers by Ill-legal connection ( khunda Connections ) in this regard KESC higher management always remain silent and never interested to catch those who are using ill-legal connection making Millions Rupees of revenue losses on return their black sheep staff get some benefits but on other hand KESC faces huge losses.

In short our country Pakistan have full of resources and blessing from God but still after 63 years we always look ahead to WB ( World Bank ) IMF or USA or Europe Countries to get grant or aid, but never sincere or interested to use own country people talent but hiring foreign consultant and paying their desire fees which totally axing our country economy.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )