I want to express that is the totally double standard law enforcement for not allowing Muslim’s women’s to wear full face veils or niqabs in public which shows how Europe is anti-Muslims and trying to pass such law which hurdle for Muslims women’s those who are staying in France or Belgium to wearing veils which is a totally a revenge and punishment.

On other hand if WEST women’s move to any part of city with 2 major garments and plus shorts than no shy or ban enforce which means if a women display entire body and figure than OK go ahead and no question or objection raises. If Muslim’s women’s follow own Islamic rules than banned and fined imposed up to Euro 50 in Belgium for wearing veils at public place which reflect clearly double standard.

Appeal to UNO Secretary General and Europe Union Head countries such France, Belgium, to lift this banned and allowing all Muslims women’s to observe Hijab or veil in public place as they want. To observe as similar no question asked from own WESTERN women’s if they move and feel proud to display entire body and figure. Same type culture France and Belgium want to introduce for Muslim’s women’s which I must say shame to all authorities who have passed such evil and im-moral orders which hurting and creates problems for all women’.

Belgium law for banning to cover face in public enforces last month but France is the 1st country to apply this ban in Europe in April. West always claim they give freedom to all but such claim hit and come under public objection openly when banned enforce for Muslims women’s which shows the DOUBLE standard of European countries.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )