I want to share my opinion and asked question from head of traffic police why our traffic police normal days fail to control the traffic but even in the month of Ramzan traffic jammed complain reach to you but what you do for this problems or issue.

I want to on Wednesday dated 24-08-11 worst traffic jammed I saw in Karachi from Clifton Bridge to M. A. Jinnah Road I took 35 to 45 minutes times but normal days I reach less than 20 minutes. I saw worst traffic jammed in the following areas

1. Abdullah Haroon Road
2. Club Road ( Hotel Metropole)
3. Saddar ( Electronic Market )
4. M. A. Jinnah Road

Why most of time traffic signals not work due to KESC load shedding or out of order? Why our traffic police always dis-appear from the place where usually traffic jammed and our people due to lack of education, impatience always seem in hurry even realized no further space ahead than continues horning or putting pressure which is totally madness which reach to its peak when a Muslims followers keeping fasting.

Perhaps traffic police department have no check and balance system that reasons they can skip from own jobs but nobody can question or asked. Where the corruption from the top to bottom whom to blame or asked you are wrong but I am right. Why not apply the punishment for those traffic police officials which area often traffic jammed?

More painful and hurting when saw the traffic signal not open ( red lights ) but un-civilized and un-educated riders what to break the signal which is not hazards for themselves but inviting others people life’s in total danger.

If anyone follow the traffic rules and wait for traffic signal open than he has to wait less than 2 minutes or maximum 5 minutes but if all people want to ride vehicle but no one interested to follow the traffic rules than you have to wait in traffic jammed not less than 10 to 20 minutes, if you are educated and have some wisdom than decided which is better for all of us to follow the traffic rules or violate the rules.

If anyone violate the traffic rules which is totally waste of time and fuel but who will understand and convey this message to all? Looks no traffic law exist in Karachi?

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )