I want to share the that I read information in newspaper that more 1,400 innocents have been killed by professional killers. Why killed the innocents and deprive their facilities now who will earn bread for them.

Look a brief statistics the dead from 1st Jan till 27th August 2011 in which around 1400 people have been killed

Month wise Killed
Jan 2011 129
Feb 2011 84
Mar 2011 200
Apr 2011 169
May 2011 118
Jun 2011 174
Jul 2011 324
24th Aug 2011 223

More shameful to Police and Ranger department yet no arrest have been made but always claim arrest the killers but never brought the entire nation, WHICH means joke and playing with OWN country people. If can not control or catch the killer than what reasons banned continue on DOUBLE SAWARI to misuse your power or authority which not apply even an ordinary police officials including his friends and families members what a BLACK law introduce in Karachi.

All those who are behind and responsible for killing of innocents people and want to disturb the peace in the city of Karachi God must send them all people to hell without giving further spare time to killed further innocents. God should destroy entire network and expose those who people are supporting and financing the professional terrorists but our innocents people do not know who is the killers but never forget to catch the innocents but never dare to come across with professional killers.

Strong appeal to the Governor of Sind and Home Department if such death from their own families than what their re-action. How you can compaste those who lost their bread earners must give all families not less than 1.0 Million (Ten Lacs Only) without any difference or delay to proof you have sympathy with all of them.

If our police failed to protect the life of common people than whose responsibility to protect the common people lifes

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )