I want to share my knowledge that RAIN is always consider blessing and gift from God for entire man kind in entire world but same rain is problem for Karachi people due to following reasons

1. Always water standing and have a look of semi flood which creates problem specially for 2 wheeler riders, their bike most of time stop.

2. Due to the worst drainage system by the department rain water is standing besides these all garbage’s which is not pick up the sleepers spread out to entire road which creates problem for those who are walking.

3. Why our roads are built so poor quality when rain hit than become broken perhaps contractor want to secure to build the said road on every year which is the waste of money.

4. Traffic police never success to control the traffic flow in normal days and during raining which is are totally beyond their control, we saw how mass in the holy month of Ramzan they hardly available on the duty spot but most of traffic police usually remain busy how to do wrong or right challan no matter and do not care how many violate the traffic rules.

5. When raining KESC most of the face problem due to this reasons they load shedding which is un-justify and total injustice with the consumer’s.

Due to 5 basis reasons please God do not send further rain till next monsoon which will be a great favor and blessing.

More interesting to share on Tuesday Sep 13, 2011 due to raining start from early in morning and last till 9 AM that reasons all school and college remain closed? What a country where educational institute remain closed due to raining But I never saw any school or college or office or Train system disturb or closed due to rain reasons in BOMBAY.

We still have dispute and difference of opinion regarding to build dam which is best place to store the rain water and use by the farmer when shortage of water or non-rainfall season. Why our leaders are silence in this important issue?

Why Pakistan moving to downward trend in all aspect of life but rest of the world always eager and struggle how to improve and go a head. Please stop sending no more rain for this monsoon God

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )