I read a news REGARDING 26 people dead and 65 people injured when a person blew himself to reach HEAVEN after killing anti Talban people at Lower Dir near Afghan border on September 15, 2011, which is shameful act spoiling entire Muslims and Islam image.

Which is a totally misleading un-educated and brainless people and guiding how they reach HEAVEN in the short cut way WHICH is consider a false dream nothing else or joke with innocent.

I must asked question from mad Talban people those are worst than animal and called they are Muslim’s but which religion they follow. They do not remembered the Dadis (quote) by last Prophet Mohd (PBUH) that definition of true Muslims. “A true Muslims hand and tongue other human beings saved”

Who gave authority to kill innocent which is im-moral act and Islam is totally condemn and oppose it. Those elements who are working for Talban, supporting or financing are all equally treat they are committed murder of innocent people, those people perhaps do not get punishment in our country due to any reasons but these people can think they can skip or run away from God punishment or questioned?

At last pray to God to destroy entire network of all terrorists and suicide people no matter belong to any group without wasting a single minute. Which source Talban people inspire and doing suicide attacks in which killing countless innocent and what they want to proof that they are brainless and Mad too and no relationship with Islam or any religion.

In Pakistan yet not a single activities of terrorists or suicide yet get example punishment that reasons Talban people are working without any fear to face any kind of punishment.
What a country where law exits to the extent of book but never enforce? Only enforce to innocent and Middle Class but criminal and terrorist are supposed to be exempted?

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )