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Thread: Broken road of Bagh-e-Zehra Street, Kharadar, Karachi

  1. Broken road of Bagh-e-Zehra Street, Kharadar, Karachi

    I want to draw the attention of all concern authority including the contractors who building a very inferior road of BAGH-E-ZEHRA Street, Kharadar, Karachi up to M.W. Tower is very difficult for driving.

    The question is why our contractors build so inferior and low grade road due to the following reasons and more interesting never the concern department do not take any notice, action or asked from contractors why they build so inferior or low grade road because all are corrupt.

    1. Utilizing not complete funds as allocated by department
    2. Giving kickback by contractors
    3. Fear that if build a good quality road than who will build next time

    Strongly request to Chief Minister or Governor of Sind to pay a surprise visit without any protocol and realized what is the condition of the said road but more painful and hurting all business communities shops and offices in this area no one have courage or dare to bring the notice of higher authority.

    I request to all human beings make a good habit if you watching anything wrong in your surrounding than do not keep quiet and raise voice so your duties is complete and your name not written by God in the ignorant people list, those are watching plus remain silence all are doing sin which they do not even realized? I must say shame on all such type of people

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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    Re: Broken road of Bagh-e-Zehra Street, Kharadar, Karachi

    why the concern department should pay attentions as their pockets already filled with gift money. this is pakistan you can expect any thing.

    Allah Safe Pakistan..

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