I want to share my bad experience and greatest mistake to choose the ufone cheater cell service in Karachi

Today when I get load a balance of Rs.40 (net balance of Rs. 33.45) I got after deducting the taxes but very shocked and hurting available balance showing only Rs. 23.41, why I lost the small balance

More interesting to share when I request for sms package 603 packages of 14 days in which one can send 2500 sms to any local net which cost only Rs.25 + tax ( which I can’t avail due to cheating practice adopt by ufone)

I make frequent complain to PTA – Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and WMS Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat often time and bring several times but all my efforts vain without any result, Which means these authority are not protecting consumer’s interest but more interest and worried how to protect and give full freedom to Ufone to do more earning by means of cheating without any fear and worry.

If suppose PTA or WMS do not play its due role and busy with protecting the cheater Ufone cell company instead of consumers than guide me which authority in Pakistan take responsibilities to look after consumers interest.

In last I pray to God to destroy the cheater Fine and those who are realizing that Ufone purely doing cheating in spite of these do not exercise but remain quite than God please send all people without giving further spare time to HELL so other people saved from their cheating and save money too

When approach to Ufone than remain silent and become deaf, dump and blind when receiving complain which is practice or policy of Ufone cheater cell company

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )