Why my income email BLOCKED by KESC – CEO & higher management to get rid of incoming consumer’s complain

I am much surprised and shocked when came to knew that my all email sending to KESC CEO and their management is blocked which indicates they do not want to first listen the complain that reasons blocking my email, how many consumer’s email yet they have blocked including me. But I am very ordinary person in spite of this blocking my email by KESC CEO and management is a big surprise for me.

Who gave power or authority to do this, if any consumer face problem or want to forward his complain if his email is blocked than what source left to sending complain to KESC? I must asked question from Nepra, Governor of Sind and Power Minister to take an immediate notice and make a surprise visit and allow all consumers complain reaching to all in KESC without any hurdles.

If any complain reaches to KESC than what they do ignore or avoid the complain or take a immediate action, in my case I do not find any response or sincere attitude to attending complain by KESC which looks like talking with wall or animals?

Awake KESC and realized when a consumer’s in problem than he making complain and consider that all complain is blessing for organization those who want to improve their working atmosphere but where from TOP to Bottom are un-sincere, careless and corrupt working than only God punishment ( with silent stick )
Is the last method to teach them?

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )