I want to draw the attention of all concern authority towards the needless “speed breakers” build at Soldier Bazar No.1, Karachi near Holy Family Hospital which creates problem for all riders. Same type of needless “speed breakers” build many road of entire Karachi but why the concern authority remain silent and do not take any action against those people who built these un-wanted speed breakers?

I do not understand what pleasure or satisfaction one gets which build needless speed breakers which only creates problems but not authority yet take any notice or asked what reasons people building speed breakers on normal roads.

The speed breakers concept to build at high way but we Pakistani build speed breakers freely where a person desire no questioned asked but never realized how many people are facing problems with your senseless speed breakers.

It is the duty of City District Govt to first identify all speed breakers in the city of Karachi and collective destroy it without wasting time, plus this warm in future if any one dare to build senseless speed breakers without the authority permission will face fine and punishment too.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )