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Thread: Vegetable prices increasing before EID-UL-AZHA

  1. Vegetable prices increasing before EID-UL-AZHA

    I want to draw the attention of all concern authority towards what reasons vegetable prices sharply and un-justify increasing in Karachi before Eid-Ul-Azha for getting more and more profits.

    According to survey Tomatoes ranges Rs.80 to Rs.100 which sold earlier below Rs.30 per kg, In Onion which is sold in the range of Rs.40 to Rs.60 but before it sold below Rs.20, Prices of lady Finer increased to Rs.70 Kg, A bundle of coriander leaves which is generally sold Rs.5 now offered Rs.10, Lemon being sold in the range of Rs.120 to Rs.150

    My question is you are a Muslims traders they why you adopt a wrong practice for earning profit more than double time and claiming that flood in Sind spoiled entire crops.

    Why City Govt not serious and interested to control the prices, why not adopt a uniform rates for areas in Karachi but traders charging prices which their mood or wishes not according to Govt approved prices. I must say if our Govt sincere and want to control the prices than no traders can charge additional profits from any one? But regret and dis-appointment in Pakistan only law available to the extend of text books never enforce or applied practically.

    Simply middle class and low income group always suffers due to high inflation but more interesting to share our rich class never worried what price vegetable is being sold in Karachi. I must say low income group daily basis died and again alive in next day morning.

    Shame on all traders and business people who are responsible for price hike of vegetable in the name of shortage of crops due to flood or doing black marketing, all these people deserve a uniform punishment from God silent stick to prevent other for paying additional cost which is totally injustice with own Muslims brothers and sisters which is answerable and none (extra profiteers) can skip from this?

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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    Re: Vegetable prices increasing before EID-UL-AZHA

    this is Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan. you can expect any thing from our people.

    Allah Safe Pakistan..

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