I want to ask question from all people those who are going to any mosques even in Macca or Medina why not you people keep silent or switch off your cell?

It means you are not a ordinary person that reasons you donot silent or switch off your cell but expecting very important business call.

If you are going to pray namaz than why you still not switch or silent your cell which disturb others who are offering namaz or reading Dua or Holy Quarn all people attention divert to cell phone bell.

Most people set very high and music or Indian song tone which is totally un-Islamic and you should set a simple tone without any Indian songs.

I request to all Muslims followers when you enter any mosque it is duty for all of us to keep silent or switch off our cell phone when we are in mosque so other people do not disturb their prayers or dua etc.

Those who knowing that they are going to Mosque for namaz but do not silent or switch of their cell they are un-educated or un-civilized people never realized what a person do when he is in Mosque? He is one of the foolish and im-matured person who do such stupid things ( un – silent or not switch of cell phones when entering in Mosque )

I saw many people forget to make silent or switch off their cell due to carelessness or showing they are very important? That reason they always do this mistake in which other suffers and their worship always affected.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )