I do not understand why our Government making a big mistake for making 2 days holidays (Saturday and Sunday) to overcome the power crisis.

Now Government announce 2 days holiday for Eid-ul-Azha on 7th to 8th November which is Monday to Tuesday, 2011 and 9th November, 2011 is Iqbal Day. Which means entire Pakistan business community function shut down for 5 days?

I read news that such long Eid Holidays causes Rs.70 Billion loss to our economy which was quoted by LCCI President. In our country due to frequent strikes declare, political disturbances’ and energy crisis forces many running industry or business to close or reduce the staff which lead to more and more un-employment and increasing inflation which indirectly un-employment youth will involved in crimes.

I also strong opposed 2 weekly holidays ( Saturday and Sunday ). We are not Arab country who does not worry for economy shortfalls due to rich resources of OIL. This is the critical period our country is passing in which all people together work hard to overcome the crisis otherwise if we adopt luxury of long holidays than in future we become salves of any WEST country which is their un-fulfill dream.

This is the duty and responsibilities of FPCCI and KCCI the leading trade bodies working in Pakistan raises voice and put pressure to Govt for do not off 2 weekend holidays, We are 3rd working developing countries not a country belongs from European Union or WEST.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )