Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has reacted strongly to the false allegations that Chaudhri Nisar has levelled against Imran Khan.

In a statement issued from the PTI’s Secretariat here, Raoof Hasan, Central Vice President, Information & Media said that Chaudhri Nisar should revisit his facts to distinguish Christians from Jews. Imran Khan’s former in-laws are not Jews. They are Christians. Jemima Khan had converted to Islam at the time of marrying Imran while his two children are Muslims.

Mr. Hasan pointed out that lying came naturally to Chaudhri Nisar as was evident from the manner in which he had tried to hide the US nationality of his children and his visit to the American Embassy in London to have their passports renewed. While Mr. Khan considered it beneath his dignity to respond to a lowly comment of such kind, Mr. Hasan asserted that he had gone to the media to put the facts straight for the people of Pakistan. He added that, in view of the unprecedented success of the PTI Rally in Lahore, PML-N and its leadership had lost their senses and did not know how to control their declining political stature.

The entire history of PML-N was replete with instances of deception. Born in the lap of dictators, the party and its leaders had little respect for ethics and morality. In reality, their conduct had always been to the contrary.

Mr. Hasan advised the PML-N leadership to desist from issuing false statements.