While answering a question asked by VOA Urdu TV during an event at Carnegie Endowment For International Peace former President Pervaiz Musharraf said that "he would be mad if he decides to go back without people's support". Former president's speech at this event was part of his recent visit to the US when once again he seemed to be emphasizing that he is the most suitable candidate for Pakistan's leadership on the horizon right now. He says this on the basis of, among other things, his claim that under him US-Pakistan relations were much better than today because of his warmer and upfront dealing with the American leadership. This report takes a look at how his political ambitions and his claims regarding his relationship with the US are being looked upon by the Americans. Former US ambassador to Pakistan and an expert on US-Pakistan relations,William Milam, says that MR Musharraf seems to have lost sight of the fact that the nature of US-Pakistan relations has transformed into more strategic and diplomatic ones. MR Milam while agreeing partially with MR Musharraf on the claim of better relations with the US said that it was because of simpler nature of the US-Pakistan relations as well as of coinciding of the aims of the two. However, says MR Milam, that Americans have not forgotten the disastrous last few years of Musharraf's rule in Pakistan.